Example Mono 1 Setup - Hydro & Marine NoStepII

Hydro & Marine NoStepII deep V non stepped mono hull setup for Mono 1

H & M NoStepII originally designed for Mono 2 hull is 650mm long by 210mm wide

Drive line offset 5mm to right to counter prop walk. Note impression for flood chamber cut out, flood chamber was installed later to make hull self righting.

Fullers strut for 0.13in flex cable with 4mm threaded boss. Prop is 36mm Graupner carbon 2318.36 front of prop is 50mm from transom.

Wedge rudder with water pickup, can be angled from the vertical. Turn fin from Carbon fibre sheet mounted on right and perpendicular to hull bottom.

Strut set so prop boss is just on or above the datum line (bottom of hull) and angled 2 or 3 degrees down. Leading edge of rudder lines up with front of prop. Note gap between prop nut and strut.

7 x sub C NiMH cells to left of centre. Motor on centre line, mount from 1/8th in carbon sheet. Safety loop on rear left, plugs in between the 2 sticks of cells at transom end.

Rudder servo and receiver mount from 1/8in ply, servo is SD200 (probably a bit too small)

Motor = Lehner 1530/7, ESC = ETTI 125A 24V. Flexi runs directly in 5/32in brass tube, 4mm to 0.13in flex hex coupler.

Video of this boat running